Dalet Flex is a Media Logistics platform. Every element of the platform is highly customizable to support rapid business and market change with minimal operational costs. It has been built to help you manage the entirety of your content workflow – from creation through to distribution. Dalet Flex is platform, format, and user interface neutral, which means it can be used across a wide range of business functions and industries, and you can create custom interfaces or plug it into existing platforms.

How is Dalet Flex different?

Dalet Flex is an extremely powerful media logistics platform, which is designed to help you manage your content more intelligently and drive down costs at every stage of your workflow.

Some of the characteristics of a media logistics platform are:

  • Extremely configurable
  • Format agnostic
  • Provides high degree of automation
  • Extremely extensible (composable)
  • Multi-tenanted
  • Highly scalable
  • Cloud enabled

The platform consists of the following functionalities:

  • Core: Core is essentially the backbone of Dalet Flex, and helps to orchestrate all of your business processes.
  • FlexMOVE: FlexMOVE enables you to effortlessly upload your assets. It comprises of two tools: the first being the HTML5 Web Uploader, which lets you quickly upload individual files, and the second is Transfer Agent, which lets you perform bulk uploads and enables you to upload particularly large files.
  • Workflow: Workflow helps you to automate various business processes. You can manage your people, assets, and data quickly and efficiently via the creation of workflows.
  • FlexREVIEW: FlexREVIEW allows you to set up review sessions, and then review and approve your assets. One of the greatest aspects of FlexREVIEW is that it is collaborative, letting you review your assets alongside your colleagues. You can set up stand alone review sessions, as well as set them up via a workflow.
  • FlexMAM: Media Asset Management (MAM) gives you the ability to play, comment on, organise, and edit your assets all in one place. You can then directly publish these assets straight to your chosen destination.
  • Objects: Objects provides you an easy way to model and track your business data. You can then share this data with other people, 3rd party systems, and also your own workflows.
  • FlexB2C: FlexB2C gives you the ability to publish your assets to various web channels, mobiles, tablets, connected TVs, and games consoles. You can use Players to play your content, and the look, feel, and behavior of these Players can be customised and configured to match your organisation’s brand.