Metadata Panel

The Metadata panel is located on the left-hand side of the designer, and gives you access to the metadata field types to enable you to create your definition. The buttons available in this panel comprise all the types listed in the metadata field types section, grouped in the following way:

  • Basic: Fields that are classed as structural or container-based (or composite types) and can carry additional fields.

  • Primitive: Represent common, “primitive” data types such as float, integer and date. These types are basic building blocks for data.

  • Objects: These field types represent references to existing Dalet Flex objects.

  • Regions: This section includes fields associated with location, such as City, Country, and Region.

  • Resources: These include images, files, URLs, Emails, and VFS Location.

Dalet Flex’s metadata framework can be extended using the API. You may therefore see other field types that have been created via the API.

You can view the items in the Metadata panel in two different modes:

  • List View: you will see the items in a list format with just the names of the items on display.
  • Icon View: you will see the items that can be placed on the Metadata canvas in the form of tiles with icons.

To switch between List View and Icon View, click the toggle icon.

The Metadata Canvas

The canvas is the area in which you design your metadata definition. This canvas presents a graphical view of your metadata model in the form of a collapsible tree view.

The Configuration Panel

The Configuration panel provides additional information and configuration options for a selected metadata field (item). If you have not selected an item, then information about the metadata definition is provided as shown below.