Accessing an Object Hierarchy

Each object hierarchy in MAM starts with a root object type at the top. Other objects in the hierarchy are then nested underneath. Root objects are present on the left-hand toolbar. For example: if the root object in your hierarchy is called “Production”, you will see a Production icon on the left-hand toolbar.

To access an object hierarchy in MAM, select the root object.

Selecting the root object, takes you to the Browse page. The Browse page lets you view all the root objects of that type. For example: if the root object is a “Production”, you will see all of the productions that exist.

If you then click on a specific root object (in this example a production), you see all of the objects that exist on the next level below, and so on, down through the various levels of the hierarchy.

Each individual object in a hierarchy is represented by a tile. On each tile you will see:

  • The image for the object
  • The object type
  • The name of the object
  • How many children: an object might have several objects on the level below it. Example: a series might have ten episodes below it, and so, those episodes are classed as children of that series.

Note: You can view lists of objects in either a tile, or list view. To switch between the two, click the toggle icon located in the top right-hand corner of the page.