IMF Support

Interoperable Master Format Support Overview

You can import a complete or partial Interoperable Master Package (IMP) into Dalet Flex. An IMP is a package that contains multiple versions/variations of the same media content. This package contains video files, audio files, subtitles, closed captions, and metadata. An IMP is created using Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF), which is a file-based framework used to efficiently manage, process, store, and organise multiple versions of the same media content.

You might want to create an Interoperable Master Package when you have:

  • The same media content in multiple different languages.
  • The same media content with different types of edits (versions just shown on commercial flights, directors cuts, and so on).
  • The same media content with multiple different versions, depending on the device it is viewed on (computer, television, tablet, or mobile phone).

The Contents of an Interoperable Master Package

Inside an IMP folder, you will find:

  • Essence Track Files: These are the ingredients that make up the package, such as: image, audio, video, and subtitle files in the Material Exchange Format (MXF).
  • Composition Playlist (CPL): A composition playlist (CPL) describes the instructions for constructing the available media (what order the media should be in). It is essentially the recipe or blueprint for the version. It determines the data, video, and audio files that make up the IMP. The CPL lets you combine the video, audio, and data together.
  • Packing List (PKL): This is an XML file that contains a list of the elements that make up the package. This includes an asset map and package list.
  • Asset Map: An asset map is an XML file that lists the paths of the various tracks in the package. It is used to resolve file locations in the package when it is received.
  • Output Profile List (OPL): This is an XML file that contains the details of the delivery format (processing / transcoding instructions).