Account Properties

Name Account Property Description Value
Asset Subview Order tv.nativ.mio.console.asset.subviews Enables ordering, as well as visibility of all sub-view tabs in the asset view. You must the specify sub-view names for the asset object which you want users to see in the UI. If these are not specified, all of them will be shown by default. Each item must be sperated by a comma. For example: summary, files, history, players, publishing, jobs, workflows, attachments, keyframes, metadata. Note: Matching the names of the sub-view is case insensitive and non-matching values are ignored.
Auto Refresh Interval Seconds auto.refresh.interval Sets the auto refresh time for all pages. Seconds
Clear Groovy Class Loader tv.nativ.mio.enterprise.script.classloader.reset If this property is set to true, the class loader will always be reset when executing any script from that point onward. This will be set back to false after it is cleared. (To Clear Groovy Class Loader) Boolean
Default File Check Interval Sets the default polling interval for resource configurations. Time in seconds.
Default Search Asset Origin This value defines the default search for the asset origin. You must specify a value from one of the following: Ingest, Import, New, Proxy, Transcode, Clip, Copy
Default Search Asset Type Sets the default asset type for asset search results. If no system value has been specified, or the values do not match with any possible value, it will set the standard value i.e any. Group or File
Default Sort Group Asset Member Sets the default sort group asset member (Group members will be sorted according to the given value) String
Default Table Pagination Size system.table.pagination Sets the default page size. This will be as per the number of records (default table pagination size). String (n1/n2/n3/n4/n5) e.g. 10/25/50/100
Default Typeahead Dropdown Size typeahead.dropdown.results.size Sets the typeahead dropdown size (To view a set number of results in the typeahead suggestions). Enter any integer value.
Display Metadata Definition Sub-Views definition.sub.view If this property is set to true, this will display the metadata definition sub-view. Boolean
Display Metadata Descriptions in Pop-up Enables descriptions for metadata definitions to be displayed or hidden. If this property is set to true, then the description of the metadata field will be hidden and ? icon will be displayed. If a user wipes over this icon with a mouse, it will display the metadata description. If this is set to false, then the metadata description will be displayed against the respective fields. Actions, resources, profiles, and so on are not affected. Only assets and user-defined objects are affected. Boolean
Email Excerpt Length in Logs tv.nativ.mio.service.mail.logging.excerpt.length Controls the message log size (email excerpt length in logs). Integer
Email From Address tv.nativ.mio.service.mail.from Used to overwrite mail from an address or to define the email from an address. String
External Id Keys tv.nativ.mio.externalId.keys If this property is defined, the validation will be displayed while set/modify external ID on object if its not from defined list. An external ID key must be in this list for it to be valid. Comma separated String list
Footer Alt Text tv.nativ.mio.console.footerlink.alttext Maximum Full Text Search Results. Text
Footer Text tv.nativ.mio.console.footerlink.url Specifies the footer text for the URL. If system properties are not defined, then the link will not be rendered. URL
Help Link Text tv.nativ.mio.console.helplink.text Configure the help link text. String
Help Link URL tv.nativ.mio.console.helplink.url Configure the help link URL. URL
Job Timeout tv.nativ.mio.enterprise.account.job.timeout Defines a job’s global time out. Integer
Log Evaluated Job Config Info This property when evaluated, should not be displayed in job history (Log Evaluated Job Config Info). Boolean
Maximum Full Text Search Results Maximum number of full text search results. Integer
Maximum SQL Search Results Maximum number of full search results. Integer
Retry Resource on Failure tv.nativ.mio.resource.failure.retry Controls if resource polling should be retried on failure. Boolean
Session Timeout Seconds session.timeout Defines the user login session timeout in seconds. Integer
SMS message URL template sms.url.template Enables you to send notifications via sms. In order to do this, you must enter a REST call using the correct API key and a secret. If property is not defined then sms notifications will not be sent. URL
Vantage Package tv.nativ.mio.console.package.asset.hide Enable the Vantage packaging features. Boolean
Use Variable Instance Path as Name in Metadata Modified Event Data Use Variable Instance Path for the name in the metadata modified event data. Path