Metadata Designer

The Metadata Designer is a data modelling design tool that allows you to design your metadata models graphically. The Metadata Designer runs using HTML5, so it is quick to load and access. Metadata schema can be associated with object types. Once associated with an object type, every time a new object is instantiated, a new instance of the metadata is instantiated, and associated with the object. In fact, by creating metadata schema and associating them with Dalet Flex object types, you can model your data and create your own object types as well as customise existing Flex objects (through the creation of variants). To really understand metadata schema in Dalet Flex, it’s important to understand the difference between a metadata schema and a metadata instance. The terms metadata definition and metadata schema are used interchangeably and carry the same meaning.

Accessing the Metadata Designer

There are three entry points in Dalet Flex by which you can access the Metadata Designer. They are as follows:

  • Via the Toolbar: You can click New, and then select Metadata Definition. From there, you can then create a new metadata definition. This is the primary way to access the Metadata Designer.
  • By Searching: You can search for a specific metadata definition. Then when you select it from the search results, you will be taken to Metadata Designer.
  • Via a Type: You can access the metadata definition by selecting a type that is associated with a specific metadata definition.


When Metadata Designer opens, available features are displayed along the left hand side. Clicking on each icon will take you to their respective pages.