Per-Essence Reviews

A per-essence review is when you review specific parts of a segmented (HLS) media asset, such as audio tracks or subtitles. Each essence is treated as a child of the HLS asset. For example, a media asset might have multiple language tracks, and you might want to send just one specific track for review, to ensure it is correct.

Configuring a per-essence review

  1. In Dalet Flex Console, navigate to the asset you wish to send for review.

  2. Click the Start Session button above the asset.

  3. From the Action drop down, select a specific Start Session action.

  4. Expand the Configuration Options section.

  5. In the Per-Essence Configuration section, select the Set as Per-Essence Review? checkbox.

  6. From the Type drop down, select the type of essence you want to review. You can select Audio or Subtitle.

    • If you select the Per-Essence Review option and don’t specify any essences, the Start Session action sends all available subtitles and audio tracks for review.

    • If you have AC3 and EC3 audio tracks selected as part of a per essence review session, you cannot view, review or approve them in unsupported browsers. Currently Dolby 5.1, AC-3, and E-AC-3 playback are only supported in the following browsers:

      • Microsoft Edge on a Windows 10 machine and above.
      • Safari on a Mac with Yosemite OS 10.11 and above.
  7. In the Name field, enter the name the essence you want to review.

    • This is the caption display name or audio track name.
  8. Select the Read only? checkbox, if you want this particular essence to be read only.

    • Click + next to the Essence complex and repeat steps 5-7 for each essence you wish to review.
  9. Enter the details for the review session, such as the user(s) who will have access to the review session.

  10. Click Run Now.

Starting a Per-Essence Review Session

  1. Once you have been assigned to the review session, log in to FlexREVIEW.

  2. Select the review session from the list.

  3. In the Review Summary panel, click Review.

  4. For each essence, select Accept or Reject underneath each essence in the list once you have reviewed it.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Click Finish.

  7. In the Finish Review Session pop up, choose from the available options, then leave a final overall comment against the review session.

  8. Click Finish.