The Comments Tab

You can either post a comment against the entire media asset, or post against a specific time range within a media asset.

Commenting on an Entire Media Asset

  1. In the Insert a comment box, enter your comment, and click the + icon.

  2. Your comment is then posted below.

Posting a Comment Against a Range

You can post comments against a range by specifying an in and out point.

  1. Play the media asset.

  2. When you reach the point in the video in which you want to set an in point, click the Set In icon.

  3. The in point is then created as represented by the orange line. By default, the out point is the end of the timeline.

  4. When you reach the point in the video where you wish to place an out point, click the Set Out icon. The range between the in and out points is indicated by the orange line.

  5. In the Comment box, enter your comment. Click the + icon, and the comment will be made against the range you have specified. When you click on that specific comment, the player will jump straight to the in point that you specified.

You can see time codes for both the in and out points you have specified below the player. By selecting either the In or Out points, the video will skip to those points in the video.

Note: To reset the both the in and out points, click the Reset I/O icon.

Filtering Comments

You can filter the existing comments using filters. There are two options:

  • Filter to display comments by selected Users only
  • Sort by Date, Start Time, and End Time

Editing an Existing Comment Made Against a Range of Frames

You can change the range of frames (in and out points) associated with an existing comment in MAM.

  1. Click on an asset tile.

  2. In the asset summary panel, click Manage Asset.

  3. Click the Timelines tab.

  4. Select an existing comment from the list.

  5. Click the icon next to the comment.

  6. On the timeline, adjust the in and out points. You can do this in three different ways:

    • Dragging the in and out points.

    • Clicking the + and - icons.

    • Clicking the Set In and Set Out icons.

      Note: You can also use the shortcut keys to change the in and out points:

      • i = in
      • o = out
  7. When you have finished, click to save the changes.