Saving and sharing searches

You can set up saved searches in order to make it easier to execute frequently used queries. Once saved, searches can be shared with other accounts, user groups, and workspaces. The Saved Search button can be found in all dashboards, underneath the search filter options as well as in the toolbar on the right hand side of the screen.

  1. Specify the criteria for your search.

  2. Click the Search button to initiate the search, or the Clear button, to clear the current search criteria, and start again.

  3. Next, click the Save Search button.

  4. In the Save Search dialog box, enter a name for your search.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Your newly created saved search will be visible and accessible from the desktop screen.

  7. If there are other shared searches that are available for use, you will see an eye icon. Click on it.

You can share a saved search with an account, sub-account, or workspace. If you share a search with an account, sub-account, or workspace, that search will be shared with all the users who have access to those.

  1. In the Saved Searches section, you can see a list of your saved searches.

  2. Click the Share icon, to the right of a search.

  3. In the Manage Shared Search box, select an account, sub-account, or workspace.

  4. Click Share.