Creating a Clickable Asset Reference Link

You can add clickable asset reference links to your metadata schemas in MAM. This is accomplished by creating a special object asset field in the metadata schema.  


  • The clickable asset link feature is only available from 6.1.2 onwards.
  • For more information about using the Metadata Designer, please see the Metadata Designer user guide.

To create an object reference link, follow these steps:

  1. Open an existing metadata definition and add an Asset field.  

Note: In order to edit an existing metadata definition, you must disable it first. Then when you have finished making the changes, you must save and re-enable it.

  1. From the Object Type drop down, select Asset (File).

  2. From the Type drop down, select an existing type (variant) that you have created.

  3. From the Forms field, select Typeahead. This will make it easier to select the asset that you wish to link to in MAM.

  4. Click to save the metadata definition.

  5. In the Types section, assign the metadata definition to a type.

  6. In MAM, navigate to an asset and select the type.

  7. Under the Asset Metadata tab, click , and edit the asset link field. Start typing the name of an asset, and select the asset that you want the link to point to.

  8. Save the metadata and the link appears.

  9. Click on the link and it takes you to the specified asset.