ActionProgressConfiguration Property

The actionProgressConfiguration property holds the action progress configuration.

@ActionPlugin(uuid = "3ab237d4-0b19-4f01-8ded-396ee5444284", type = "smoke", plugin = "async-smoke-action", version = "1.0.4",
       actionConfiguration = AsyncSmokeActionConfiguration.class,
       actionProgressConfiguration = AsyncSmokeActionProgressConfiguration.class,

In the example above, the class (value of that attribute) must be a class that extends ActionProgressConfiguration. This class can override methods.

  • The ActionProgress class uses the execute() method, which is called periodically in order to obtain information on the progress of the job.
  • The ActionProgressData class holds data that can be used across the live / progress of the job.
  • The Flag class defines whether the data should be deleted from Redis upon completion of the job.

Below is an example of an progressConfiguration class:

ActionProgressConfiguration {

    public boolean getIsDeleteAfterTerminal() {

        return true;

    public Class<? extends ActionProgress> getActionProgressClass() {

        return AsyncSmokeActionProgress.class;

    public Class<? extends ActionProgressData> getActionProgressDataClass() {

        return AsyncSmokeActionProgressData.class;