Adding Object to the Hierarchy

Once you have configured the hierarchy (set up where in the hierarchy each object type will go), you can start adding the actual objects. To do that, you must create a new root object type, which represents the beginning of the hierarchy.

  1. On the toolbar, click New and select your root object type. In our example it will be Production.

  2. In the Create a new… section, enter the details.

  3. Click Save to finalise.

  4. Now you will be able to add the next level of objects to the hierarchy. In our example the next level of objects will be ‘Series’. In order to add the next level of objects, there will be a button as shown below. In our example the button will be an Add Series button, as we have specified that the ‘Series’ object type is always a child of the ‘Production’ object type. Your button may read something like “Add Episode” or “Add Media Asset” depending on the object type you have chosen.

  5. Once you have clicked the Add… button, you will be taken to the Create a new… screen, where you can add the details for that specific object. So in our case, we will add the details for a Series.

  6. Click Save.

  7. The object, (in this case, a new Series) is added to the hierarchy.

  8. If you click on the object you have just added (in this case ‘Series’) you will see an Add… button which allows you to add an object to the next level of the hierarchy.