Timed Action Plugins

Disable Inactive External Users

Disable Inactive External Users Properties
Disable Inactive External Users Configuration

Execute Action on Metadata Condition

Finds all assets with a specific metadata schema instance and specified field values. These assets are then run through the specified action in the form of individual jobs.

Execute Action on Metadata Condition Properties
Execute Action on Metadata Condition Configuration

Synchronise External Users

Synchronise External Users Properties
Synchronise External Users Configuration

Timed Internal Script

Timed Internal Script Properties
Timed Internal Script Configuration

Timed Database Import

Enables you to periodically connect to an external database. You can then run a query, pull information back from the database, and then process that information.

Timed Database Import Properties
Timed Database Import Configuration

Timed Groovy Script

Enables you to periodically run a Groovy script on a timed basis.

Timed Groovy Script Properties
Timed Groovy Script Configuration

External Timed Script

External Timed Script Properties
External Timed Script Configuration

Timed HTTP Message

Allows you to periodically connect to an external HTTP data source, take back the information, and then process it.

Timed HTTP Message Configuration