Creating a Basic Import Workflow

The basic import workflow is one of the most important workflows you can create. After all, the use of Dalet Flex revolves around the management of media and image assets. So logically, the first workflow you should create is an import workflow so that you can get your assets into the system.

Workflows can help you quickly and effortlessly carry out time consuming tasks. You can use a workflow to carry out automated tasks, manual tasks, or a combination of both. A workflow can be simple, containing only three or four nodes, or it can be intricate and complex, containing many nodes.

Any automated processes that you put in a workflow are fulfilled by jobs. and in order for those jobs to work, you must create actions. For example: in order to automatically import an asset into the system, you need to create and configure an import action. You would then need to reference this action in your workflow.

Creating and Configuring an Import Workflow

Although the basic import workflow only performs one simple function, there is a certain amount of setting up and configuration that needs to be done before you can use it.

These eight items are integral to making an import workflow function. Therefore, it is important to create and configure these items correctly so that the workflow doesn’t fail.


  • An extract resource is not needed for an image asset import workflow.
  • An extract action is not needed for an image asset import workflow.