Collection Summary Panel

If you click on a collection tile, a summary panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. In the Collection Summary panel, you will see:

The Details tab

This shows you the specific details of the collection such as the title, creation date, number of assets in the collection, number of sub-collections, and the number of comments made against the collection. You can also view the tags that you have applied to the collection, as well as add new ones.

Under the Details tab you can see which media assets and sub-collections are in a specific collection.

You can remove an asset from the collection directly in the Details tab, by clicking the Trash icon located to the right of each asset.

The Comments tab

Here you can post comments against the entire collection.

The Comments tab on the Collection Details panel works in exactly the same way as it does for Assets. Simply enter your comment in the Insert a Comment box, and then click the + icon.

The comment then appears below the collection.

Explore Collection option

This option is located at the bottom of the panel. When you click this option or double click the collection tile on the browse page, you will navigate into the collection’s directory. This provides an overview of all the assets and sub-collections within a specific collection. You can independently access the details for each asset in the collection from here.

To access the Explore Collections view, click the Explore Collections option at the bottom of the Collection Summary panel or double click the collection tile.

You will then be taken to the Explore Collection view. From here, you can view all the items that are in a collection. This includes any assets and sub-collections you may have in that collection. You can perform any of the functions that relate to assets and collections in exactly the same way as on the browse page, such as playing assets, viewing the asset details, and so on.