External API Backing Store

The External API Backing Store enables users to populate a drop down (single or multi-value fields) in the Metadata Designer with data from an external API.

Once this custom development has been carried out, you can use the External API Backing Store functionality by following these steps:

  1. Open a metadata definition and create a single or multi-value field.

  2. In the configuration panel, select the Backing Store check box.

  3. Expand the Backing Store drop down.

  4. From the Type drop down, select External API.

  5. In the Identifier field, enter the name of an Dalet Flex customer specific service. This name will be registered in Consul.

When Dalet Flex requires values, it calls the Dalet Flex customer specific service, passing in the ID provided in the Metadata Designer, which in turn makes a call to the target external API, converting the data where necessary.