Workspace Panels and Tabs

Workspace Summary Panel

If you click on a workspace tile, a summary panel will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

In the Workspace Summary panel you will see the following tabs:

Details Tab

You can view and change the summary details for a workspace directly in the Details tab.

  1. Hover over the field value you wish to change, such as the Description field.

  2. Click on the field.

  3. Enter the new details.

  4. Click the tick icon.

Setting the Type

In order to set the type, you must ensure that the variant is set in the main Dalet Flex Console.

Metadata Tab

The Metadata tab enables you to edit metadata associated with any variants that exist within a workspace. If the workspaces have metadata set, then the fields will be present.

To edit metadata fields associated with a variant:

  1. In the Metadata tab, click the Edit icon.

  2. Click on the field value you wish to change.

  3. Enter the new details.

  4. Click the tick icon.

  5. The changes are made.

  6. Click Save to finalise.

Members tab

The Members tab lists out all members of a workspace. You cannot edit the members of a workspace in MAM.

Comments Tab

Here you can post a comment against a workspace, as well as view comments that other users have posted.

Commenting on a Workspace

  1. In the Insert a comment box, enter your comment, and click the + icon.

  2. The comment is posted below.

Explore Workspace

This is done by clicking the Explore Workspace option at the bottom of the Workspace Summary panel, or double clicking the workspace tile in the browse/search windows. This is setting the workspace filter.