An asset is an object that represents a media file and its metadata, which is managed by Dalet Flex.

Asset types

MAM currently supports the following asset types:

  • Media assets
  • Group assets
  • Image assets

Uploading an Asset

  1. In MAM, on the top toolbar, click .

  2. The Web Uploader opens in a new window.

  3. There are three ways to upload files:

  • Click the Upload icon in the top-right corner of the Web Uploader window.
  • Click Select or drag your file here and browse to your selected file on your computer.
  • Drag and drop your selected file it into the window.
  1. From the Inbox drop down, select an inbox.

  2. From the Workspace drop down, select a workspace.

  3. If a metadata schema is associated with the inbox, you must fill in any mandatory metadata fields before uploading the asset.

  4. Click Upload File.

  5. As the file uploads, you will see a bar showing the progress of the upload.