Importing and Exporting

Importing and Exporting Metadata Definitions

You might wish to import an existing metadata definition that you have saved elsewhere. You can also export a metadata definition in the form of an XML file.

To import a metadata definition

  1. In the Metadata tab, click the + symbol to the right of the screen.

  2. The + symbol changes to an X, and new symbols are displayed for Create + and Import:

  3. Click the Import symbol.

  4. Locate your .XML file, and drag it into the download area, or click in the centre of the download area to browse for the file.

  5. Click Upload.

To export a metadata definition

  1. Hover over an existing metadata definition.

  2. Click the to the right of the metadata definition.

  3. From the menu, select Export.

  4. The metadata definition downloads as an XML file.