FlexMAM is a highly configurable HTML5-based media asset management application that gives non-technical users and editorial teams the power to perform essential content processing tasks. FlexMAM makes it easy to upload, organize and review assets, search for and update metadata, perform rough cut edits, export EDLs, and trigger workflows. As an integral part of Dalet Flex, FlexMAM can be tailored to match your unique production workflow. That means you can review and collaborate on assets with internal team mates quickly and efficiently.

With FlexMAM you can:

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Create, edit, and pin your User Defined Objects.
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Find the media you need to work with using the powerful search functions
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Manage Collections
Use collections to organise your assets in a meaningful way
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Create clips
Extract clips from your existing assets
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Edit Metadata
Edit the metadata associated with assets and collections
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Manage Assets
FlexMAM supports media, group, and image assets
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Get workflow notifications and easily access your Operations Dashboard
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Review assets
Review your video assets using the preview player
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Metadata Markers
Mark an event that occurs during a video and enter metadata to describe that event