Tag Collections

In the Tag Collection tab, you can create new tag collections, as well as search for, edit, and disable existing collections.

Creating a New Collection

  1. In the Tag Collection tab, click the icon on the top right.

  2. In the Create Tag Collection pop up window, fill in the mandatory fields Name and Visibility. You can add a description if you wish.

  3. Click Create. To exit without creating a collection, click Cancel, or the Close icon outside the dialog.

  4. You can now add tags by entering a tag in the Add new tag field and hitting Enter or clicking the icon next to it. You can add as many tags as you like.

Editing a Collection

  1. Click the ellipsis beside the collection you wish to edit and select Edit.

  2. Click on any other part of the tag collection entry to display a panel with the metadata associated with that collection. This panel also includes an Edit button at the bottom:

  3. The edit window is displayed. You can add new tags, or edit and delete existing tags.

  • To edit an existing tag, click in the tag field or the Edit button. Once you make your changes, click the Save button or hit Enter.
  • To delete a tag, hover over the field and a click the Delete icon.
  1. Click the arrow beside the collection name to return to the main window.

Managing your Collections

In the Tag Collections tab, you can manage your collections by

  • enabling or disabling your tag collections
  • filtering your tag collections by Enabled or Disabled
  • using the search bar to search for a specific tag collection