Manage Group Asset View

This option is located at the bottom of the panel. By clicking this option you can view more in depth details about the group asset, as well as edit various asset details.

In the Manage Asset view, you can see a list of all the assets in that particular asset group.

You can navigate through your group assets. If you click on a particular group asset, you can view all of the asset groups and assets that are contained within it.

In the Manage Asset view, you will also see three tabs, these are as follows:

The Asset Overview tab

In the Asset Overview tab you can view the basic details for that particular asset, the relationships for that asset, change the details, and apply tags.

In this tab, you will also see the status of the media asset. An example of a state is shown below:

A group asset can be in an Approved, Deleted, Locked and Purged state.

Metadata tab

Here you can view the metadata associated with the asset, as well as edit the information in the metadata fields.

Comments tab

Under the Comments tab you can post new comments against a group asset, as well as view existing comments that have been made against the group asset.

Ordering Assets Within a Group Asset

Group assets can house multiple media and image assets. If you have a large number of assets within a group, it may be difficult to keep track of them all. You can assign a number to each asset so that they are listed in a certain order.

For example, if your assets are episodes in a television show, you could list them in the order in which they appear on television.

  1. Click on a group asset tile.

  2. In the Group Asset summary panel, click the Manage Group Asset option.

  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see all the assets that reside within that particular group asset.

  4. Under the POS column, locate the asset, wipe over the box, and click .

  5. Enter a number (or change the current number). For example, if you wanted that particular asset to be listed in 1st position within the group, you would enter 1 in the box.

  6. Click to save the changes.

  7. The asset moves to the position you have specified.