Metadata is an integral and useful part of MAM. MAM allows you to edit the metadata associated with media assets, image assets, group assets, and collections directly in MAM.

Editing Metadata Schema

To edit a metadata field, simply click the Edit Metadata icon located to the right of the field.

To save the changes, simply click the tick icon.

Additionally you will see various symbols and toggles next to the fields. As shown below:


In some metadata schemas, you will see a complex symbol. A complex houses a series of related fields. By clicking the complex symbol, the fields will come into view.

  1. To expand a complex, click the Expand Complex icon.

  2. The complex then expands, and the other fields within the complex will be displayed.

  3. To collapse a complex, simply click the Collapse Complex icon.


Some metadata fields may have a multiplicity symbol next to them. This means that you can make one or more of these fields.

  1. To create another field of the same type, simply click the + symbol next to the field.

  2. The same field is then replicated below.

  3. To delete a replicated field, simply click the minus symbol next to the field.


Some metadata fields will have a help symbol next to them. If you hover over this symbol, you can see helpful information which will explain what the field is for, and what must be inputted.


Certain metadata schemas may contain an attachment field. You can add files such as image files or documents by dragging the file straight into the field.


Some metadata fields will have checkboxes. Simply select the checkbox and a tick symbol will appear.

Single option

Some metadata fields may have single option fields in the form of either:

Radio buttons:

Drop down menus: