Technical Start Guide

The following Quickstart guide is designed to get an administrator setup and running with simple scripting in Dalet Flex.

Note: This guide has been created with the assumption that users already have some familiarity with Groovy or Java, Maven, an IDE such as IntelliJ or Eclipse, and the Dalet Flex User Interface.

Prerequisites to Install:

The instructions below are for development on Mac or Linux; for Windows, the same components (Java, Maven, Groovy) are required, but the installation process will differ.

  • Homebrew (Mac or Linux package manager): Instructions can be found here
  • Java (install via homebrew): brew cask install java
  • Maven (install via homebrew): brew install maven
  • Groovy (install via homebrew): brew install groovy

For reference:

  • Learn about Groovy here.
  • Learn about Maven here.
  • Flex SDK javadocs can be found here.
  • It is sometimes useful when debugging, to refer to the Dalet Flex REST API documentation. This can be found here