Bulk Actions

Bulk actions are used across Dalet Flex, to allow the user to manage multiple objects simultaneously.

For example, in the Search Assets screen: when the Bulk Actions toggle is turned on, it enables the checkboxes on the far left-hand side of the search list view. The options available are shown in the toolbar directly above the search list, or fixed list views. When you select an item, the toolbar will update to show the actions that can be applied to all items selected.

When you select the checkbox, the actions available will update. Items that are greyed out are not available.

Actions will only become available to you based on combined statuses of the objects you have selected.

So if you select multiple assets as part of the bulk action, the visibility of actions will be based on the combined status of all the assets selected. For example, if you select an asset that is not deleted, the delete action will be made available. If you select a second item that is already deleted the delete action will not be available because you cannot delete an asset that is already deleted.

Bulk Action Card View

In the card view, if you are in Bulk Action mode, you can select multiple assets by selecting the tick icons located on the right edge of each card. Once selected, they will turn from white to yellow.