Manage Image Option

To access the Manage Image view, click the Manage Image option at the bottom of the Image Asset Summary panel, or double click the image asset tile in the browse / search windows.

The first thing you will see in the Manage Image Asset view, is the image itself. In the Manage Image page, you can view the image asset in a higher quality resolution. If you collapse the panel on the right-hand side, the image will resize, so that it fills the entire page.

At the bottom of the image, you will see a toolbar. This toolbar houses the following options:

  • Zoom In / Zoom Out: This allows you to zoom in and out of the image. Drag the slider left and right to zoom in and out.

  • Highlight: This option enables you to highlight one or more areas in an image asset, and then make comments against those selected areas. For example, there may be an area in an image asset that has a defect, and you might want to point that out to one of your colleagues by leaving a comment.

  • Pan: This option enables you to carefully move around a specific area of an image asset. ¬†This is done by clicking and dragging. This tool helps you to carefully examine an area you have zoomed in on.

  • Clear: This option enables you to clear the image of any selections you have made.

In the Manage Image Asset view, you will also see four tabs on the right-hand side of the page.

The Asset Overview tab

In the Asset Overview tab you can:

  • View the basic details for that particular image asset
  • View the relationships for that asset
  • Change the details for that asset, such as the name or description
  • Apply tags to help in searches
Metadata tab

Here you can view the metadata associated with the asset, as well as change the information in the metadata fields.

To change the information in these fields, click Edit , make your change, and then click the Save icon to finalise the change.

Technical Metadata tab

Here you can view the technical metadata for the asset. Technical metadata includes file, format, details. These details cannot be altered.

Comments tab

Under the Comments tab you can post new comments against the whole image asset, as well as post comments against a specific area in the image, by clicking and dragging.