You can use the Dalet Flex Query Language (FQL) to carry out complex searches in MAM. The MAM search bar recommends query parameters which can be used to either narrow or widen a search.

Example: If you type tag, a list of query parameters containing that phrase is displayed below the search bar. In the example below, you can see that the suggestions are related to searching for tags.

To select a suggestion from the drop down, follow these steps:

  1. Start typing a phrase. When you see the suggestion you wish to use click on it, or press Enter.

The suggestion is displayed in the search box.

  1. Enter a value to complete the query. For example, you could search for assets that are associated with a tag called “cars”.

  2. Click Enter or to run the search.

Operator Suggestions

As you build your query, the search bar suggests operators that can be used to refine your queries. For example, if you type =, a list of related operators such as >, <. =, >=, <= is displayed.


If the syntax you have entered contains an error, the error is highlighted in red:

FQL Examples

FQL allows you to carry out searches using a combination of different operators and parameters. You can combine a number of different operators and query parameters to create search queries.


  • Search for an asset by specifying an account ID:
    • "Account ID"=12345
  • Search for assets of a particular file format:
    • "Asset Context Format Context Format"=MP4
  • Search for assets that are associated with one or more tags:
    • "Tags Tag"=car
    • "Tags Tag"=(car OR transport)
    • "Tags Tag"=(car AND transport)
  • Search for an asset by description (exact match):
    • "Description"=The Great Adventure is a film about a man who”
  • Search for an asset by description (using a single term):
    • "Description"= film
  • Search for an asset by description (containing two terms):
    • "Description"=(film AND man)
    • "Description"=(film OR man)
  • Search for assets by video codec:
    • "Asset Context Video Stream Contexts Codec"=H264
  • Search for asset by audio codec:
    • "Asset Context Audio Stream Contexts Codec"=ATRAC3

For more information about FQL, please consult the main FQL guide