FlexB2C is a sophisticated B2C API that supports a wide range of media assets and metadata publishing capabilities for external-facing system and front-end platforms.

  • Expand: Deliver content and metadata to any external endpoint for maximum audience reach
  • Monetize: With sophisticated metadata modelling and management for every stage of the value chain, you can now extend audience reach and increase profit​
  • Integrate: Integrate with consumer platforms, including image resize, games, and other content to deliver engaging experiences​
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Retrieve and search for assets with these APIs.
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Supports independent management of images needed to power your application.
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Retrieve Players
Use this API to retrieve a single player.
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Player rendering
Returns rendered player code to be displayed in an iframe on the host webpage.
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Collections can contain a large number of assets, asset groups and custom structures.
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User Defined Objects
Retrieve information about user defined objects in FlexB2C.
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Flex Query Language
Use Flex Query Language to carry out complex structured searches.
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This API performs a re-index on Elastic Search.