Subtitle Configuration

In MAM, you can add subtitles to video assets. For more information on using the subtitle feature, see Subtitles. However, in order to enable this feature, you must first configure it, as follows:

  1. Configure a resource, using the Extract Subtitle Resource plugin:

    For more information about configuring resources, see here.

  2. Create an Extract Subtitle Action. When you configure this action, you must select the subtitle resource you have created.

  3. Navigate to the media asset to which you want to add subtitles, and run an Extract action. The subtitle job is triggered.

  4. When the job is complete, the subtitle asset is created as a child asset to the input media asset. For the subtitle asset, Asset Origin is Caption. Subtitle assets have a specific icon:

Other plugins related to subtitles include:

  • The Encode Subtitle plugin: converts a subtitle asset to either a new subtitle asset with different encoding format, or a file.

  • The Extract Subtitle Technical Metadata plugin: extracts technical metadata from a subtitle file.

See Extract Plugins for more details.