Action Life Cycle: Plugin Scope

You can control the visibility of all the available JEF plugins you have created in Dalet Flex Enterprise. This can be achieved using the following PluginScope Java annotation:

@PluginScope(value = PluginScopeType.DEVELOPMENT)@ActionPlugin(uuid = "3ab237d4-0b19-4f01-8ded-396ee5444284",       
type = "smoke",       
plugin = "async-smoke-action", version = "1.0.2",              
actionConfiguration =
          AsyncSmokeActionConfiguration.class)public class AsyncSmokeActionExecutor
 extends ActionExecutor<AsyncSmokeActionConfiguration>

This annotation defines the level of visibility that Enterprise is configured to show for each action.

  • PluginScopeType.RELEASE
  • PluginScopeType.DEVELOPMENT
  • PluginScopeType.DEPRECATED
  • PluginScopeType.OBSOLETE