Asset Management

Within FlexMAM, you can manage your assets in a number of different ways. You can examine the details of your selected asset, rename the asset, create clips of your video assets, and perform a variety of actions. Some of these actions can be performed using keyboard shortcuts which are listed here. Alternatively, you can hit shift + / on your keyboard to see a list of the shortcuts.

Preview Panel

The Preview Panel can be accessed by clicking on an asset in the search listing. The panel will appear on the right side of the screen.

  • A preview player
  • Asset metadata tab
  • Details tab
  • Comment tab
  • Marker tab
  • Keyframe tab

Manage Page

The Manage Page can be accessed by double clicking on an asset. This will launch an expanded version of the preview player. In addition to the actions that can be performed in the preview panel, this expanded mode also features:

  • Large preview player
  • Audio waveform visualisation
  • Audio track selection / playback
  • Technical Metadata tab
  • Relationships tab
  • Custom Panel (applies to UDOs only)

Additional actions

The icons and that appear when you hover over assets allow you to perform actions on the asset.

To add an asset to a collection:

  1. Click on your selected asset.
  2. Find the collection folder(s) you want to add the asset to.
  3. Click Save to add your asset to the collection.
  4. You can now find the asset in the folder(s) using the folder navigation panel on the left.

To add one or more assets to a collection using drag and drop:

  1. Expand the collection navigation tree in the panel on the left.
  2. Locate the folder you wish to add your asset to.
  3. Click on your selected asset and drag it into your desired folder.
  4. You can select more than one asset by holding down command (or ctrl) and selecting as many assets as you wish (selected assets will be highlighted), before dragging them in bulk into your desired collection.
  • You can also select a range of assets by holding down Shift on your keyboard.

To perform an action on your selected asset:

  1. Click that appears on hover on your selected asset.
  2. In the scrollable drop down menu, find the action you want to perform.
  3. In the pop up window, configure your settings according to the wizard.
  4. Click Run Now.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Function
? Show / hide this help menu
k Set speed to normal
j Reverse playback
space Play / pause
l Forward playback
f Enter / escape full screen mode
Seek back by one frame
Seek to the next frame
⇧ + ← Seek backwards 1 second
⇧ + → Seek forward 1 second
, Seek backwards 1 minute
. Seek forward 1 minute
⇧ + , Seek backwards 10 minutes
⇧ + . Seek forward 10 minutes
i Set IN marker
o Set OUT marker
p Play selected clip region
x Clear in/out markers
a Add comment
c Create clip
e Extract keyframe