Option 1: Reference Scripts in an External JAR File

Step1: Add Maven Build target (pom.xml)

Ensure that the following maven build configuration is in your pom.xml file.



You can then run the maven package command (mvn package) from the command line, or use your IDE to run the build and generate an external JAR file:

Step 2: Configure Flex Scripting Action

The following steps outline the configuration for Dalet Flex to execute custom scripts in an external JAR file:

  1. Upload a JAR file containing the above class, to a shared storage accessible by the Dalet Flex Job nodes (HTTP(S) also supported)
  2. Create a new action
    • Action Type: Script
    • Plugin: External Script Action
  3. Configure the action to point to the JAR file and PluginCommand subclass.
  4. Set the Flex system property to automatically reload JAR file changes:

Option 2: Copy and Paste Scripts to Flex Action

  1. Create a new action.
    • Action Type: Script.
    • Plugin: Groovy Script Action.
  2. Copy the def execute() method into the script action: