Debugging Dalet Flex

Occasionally issues will arise during the day-to-day operation of Dalet Flex. There are a number object types that support failed states. This means that they have the ability to be set to ‘Failed’ by Dalet Flex and to generate failure events when they fail to operate as expected. The three main ways to debug issues in Dalet Flex are:

  • View object history
  • Search events
  • View errors in the dashboard

Object History

  1. Rollover Failure Event: If you roll over the failed job event entry in the history, an Event pop-up will appear.

  2. Click on the icon: Click on the pop-up icon to be taken to the event details.

Search Events

All events in Dalet Flex are searchable and can be indexed. In order to search for failed events, carry out the following steps:

  1. Search for Error Events: In the Event Search section, search for error events.

  2. Click on the row Entry: You will be taken to an event screen with details.

Error Notification

You will know if a job or resource has failed as you will be presented with an error notification in relevant dashboard. In the example below, the error notification is indicating that there are two failed resources that need attention.

You can also set up event handlers to notify users and other systems of such failures.