Acceptance Testing for Actions and Resources

Acceptance Testing

This section details what is required for acceptance testing for developers and 3rd party integrators.

The diagram below provides a visual representation of an acceptance test in JEF.

Please refer to the JEF Example Executor service (flex-jefexampleexcutor-service) for specific details related to acceptance testing.

Example Acceptance Test:

An example acceptance test is as follows:

  1. Execute the simple email job.
  2. Process email action job request.
  3. Should be able to retrieve running status message from the queue.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds before checking job status.
  5. Should be able to retrieve the job response from the queue.

In the acceptance test example above, the minimum infrastructure is used to verify the job execution from contact with other direct system/services (RabbitMQ mainly). End to end acceptance tests can be also written using the Enterprise API for verification.