Boolean Operators

You can use the search features in MAM to help you locate your assets, collections, edits, and user defined objects. The search bar is located in the top-left corner of the screen, and is visible no matter where you are in MAM.

There are two types of search that can be performed in MAM. These are:

  • Quick Search: You can type a keyword into the search bar at the top of the page, without applying any filters. You are then provided with results from across MAM including Assets, Collections, and Edits.
  • Advanced Search: Advanced search enables you to apply filters which can help you widen or narrow your search.

Quick search

To perform a quick search, follow these steps:

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box, for example adventure.

  2. Press the Enter key or click

  3. The results are listed in the search panel.

MAM supports exact and partial matching in searches. You can use boolean operators to help narrow down or widen your searches.

Exact Matching

You can search for an exact word or phrase by wrapping it in quotation marks. For example: “movie”.

Partial Matching

You can search for a partial term in MAM. You might want to search for part of a word or phrase such as mov. To mark a word or phrase as a partial term, enter it followed by an asterisk. For example: Mov*

Searching for Multiple Terms

You can search for multiple words and phrases in the same search. This can be achieved using the OR and AND operators.


You can search for two different terms using the OR operator. For example: movie OR film


You can search for multiple terms using the AND operator. For example: movie AND film

Combinations of Booleans

You can combine different booleans to narrow or widen your searches. Examples include:

  • “movie” AND “film”
  • “movie” OR “film”
  • mov* AND fil*
  • (“movie” AND “film”) | (“video” AND “clip”)

Advanced Search

To access the advanced search features, click the Search icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

At the top of the search panel, click Advanced Search option.

You will then be taken to the Advanced Search section.

The Advanced Search section contains a Search Criteria section, in which you can enter search criteria to help narrow down or widen your search, and the Tags tab, in which you can select and deselect tags you have applied to assets and collections, to help narrow down and widen your search.

The Search Criteria tab

Under the Search Criteria tab, there are several search criteria options available to help narrow down or widen your search. These options fall into the following categories:

General: Here you can specify general search criteria options, such as creation date, modified date, accounts, workspaces, variants, owner, whether the object is enabled, whether the object is deleted, and if the object is locked.

Asset: Here you can select asset options to help in your search.

Metadata: Here you can select metadata schema options to help in your search. Any metadata schema that is associated with assets you have uploaded will appear here.