Action Types

Below is a of list of Dalet Flex’s action types and their specific behaviours.

The plugin that is associated with an action defines its actual behaviour and configuration properties.

Action Type Icon Description Classification Workflow Launch Manual Launch Group Execution Group Member Execution Redo Undo
Publish Publish an asset I/O
Unpublish Unpublish an asset I/O
Republish Republish an asset I/O
Export Export an asset and associated metadata I/O
Import Import an asset and associated metadata I/O
Download Download the file associated with this asset I/O
Ingest Ingest and file and create an asset I/O
Inject Inject metadata into the header of a file Process
Transcode Transcode an asset Process
Create Proxy Create a child proxy asset Process
Transform Transform the structure of an asset Process
Extract Transcode technical metadata and/or keyframes from the file associated with this asset Process
Quality Control Carry out a QC against an asset Process
Archive Archive an asset Capacity
Unarchive Unarchive an asset Capacity
Delete Delete an asset Capacity
Restore Restore an asset Capacity
Purge Purge an asset Capacity
Copy Copy and asset Capacity
Move Move an asset from one folder to another (remote or local) Capacity
Rename Rename the file name that is associated with this asset Capacity
Touch Reset the last modified date of this asset Capacity
Set Metadata Schema Assign a metadata schema to this asset Workflow
Set Metadata Instance Set the metadata Instance for this asset Workflow
Launch Workflow Launch a workflow instance against this asset Workflow
Publish Player Publish a player for this asset Workflow
Unpublish Player Unpublish a player that has been published for this asset Workflow
Republish Player Republish a player that has been published for this asset Workflow
Add Member A member to this asset group Workflow
Add to Group Add this member to an asset group Workflow
Validate Validate this asset against a validation profile Workflow
Decision Run this asset through a decision evaluation plugin (returns true or false) Workflow
Message Send a message Workflow
Wait Wait for a period of time (supports signalling and timeouts) Workflow
Script Evaluate some script Workflow