Adding Custom Timeline Markers

You can post a custom timeline marker against one or more frames in a video. This is achieved by specifying in and out points. When a marker is added to a timeline, you can select a custom marker icon and fill the associated metadata, so that other users can see information about the marker.

Example: various different events occur throughout a football match, such as yellow cards, red cards, injuries, goals, and free kicks. Custom markers can be used to differentiate between these events. A goal could be represented by a football icon, a red card could be represented by a red card icon, and so on

To add a custom marker, follow these steps:

  1. In the Manage Asset screen, start playing the video.

  2. When you reach the point in the video, where the marker begins, click the Set In icon.

  3. The in point is created, represented by an orange line. By default, the out point is at the end of the timeline.

  4. When you reach the point in the video where the marker ends, click the Set Out icon.

  5. The range between the in and out points is indicated by the orange line.

  6. Click the Mark with Metadata icon.

  7. From the menu, select a custom marker.

  8. In the right-hand panel, fill in the metadata fields.

  9. Click Save .

  10. The range of frames associated is marked on the timeline.

Adding Markers in Full Screen View

You can add timeline markers while you are in full screen mode. To enter full screen mode, click .