FlexREVIEW is an application that enables you to quickly and securely review, approve, and submit time-coded comments against your uploaded assets anywhere, at any time, as long as you are connected to the internet.

In FlexREVIEW you are able to:

  • Create review sessions during upload, as well as from a workflow.
  • Specify how long a session will last.
  • Invite other Dalet Flex users to participate in a review session.
  • Invite external users to view a review session.
  • Enable your reviewers to download the asset they are currently reviewing.
  • Make comments against specific frames in an asset.
  • Search for comments that other users have posted against an asset, using the filters.
  • Search for existing review sessions in the review portal using the filters.
  • Keep track of the entire process.

The FlexREVIEW user guide covers the following topics: