Video Analysis (Analyse Media Action)

Dalet Flex uses Microsoft’s Video Indexer to analyze your videos. The Video Indexer analyzes media assets for the following things:

  • Temporal Metadata: Transcripts, Faces, OCRs, and Visual Content Moderation (captured in Dalet Flex using asset metadata timelines).
  • Timeline Annotations: Topics, sentiments, audio effects, annotations, participants.
  • Asset Metadata Instance: Language models, participants, and face information.

Note: To configure video analysis, please see the Analyse Media section.

When you run the Analyse Media action on your chosen asset, the analysis results are shown in MAM.

Here you can see various tracks listed below the player such as Sentiments, Transcripts, Audio Effects, and Faces.

Examining Individual Results

You can examine individual analysis results. For example, you might want to look at a particular sentiment, transcript, audio effect, or face that has been picked up by the Video Indexer.

  1. Click the Timeline tab.

  2. Click on a track icon, e.g., Faces.

  3. Select a result from the list.

  4. The player displays the result.

Editing Analysis Results

Sometimes the metadata associated with a particular result may be inaccurate. For example, the Video Indexer may pick up a face and assign it the wrong name, or it may not even be able to identify the person. In such cases you can manually correct the metadata.

  1. Select a result from the list.

  2. Click .

  3. Correct the information.

  4. Click to save your changes.

Clearing Timelines

You can clear all the information from timelines, by selecting the Delete all previous analysis option. If this checkbox is selected and you re-run the Analyse Media action against an asset, all previously existing annotations will be deleted, and the new annotations will be generated and added in place of the old ones.

This option is located in the configuration for the Analyse Media action.

Please see the Analyse Media section for more details.