The Keyframes Tab

Under the Keyframes tab, you are presented with a list of available keyframes for the selected media asset. From here you can set a poster keyframe which will be used in the player to act as a visual representation of the media asset in browse and search.

There are two ways to set a keyframe:

  • Extracting a keyframe from the asset (including automatically as part of a workflow)
  • Uploading an image

Extracting a Keyframe

  1. Play the asset, and when you have reached the desired frame in the video, click the Extract Keyframe icon.

  2. The keyframe will appear in the list below the player. Select, the keyframe from list to load it in the central frame.

  3. To set the extracted Keyframe as the poster Keyframe, click on it, and select the Set Master Keyframe checkbox.

Uploading a keyframe

  1. Click the Upload Keyframe icon.

  2. Drag your image file into the Upload Keyframe for box.

  3. Enter a name and description for your new keyframe.

  4. To set it as a poster keyframe, select the Master Keyframe checkbox.

  5. When you have finished specifying the details for your new keyframe, click the Upload button.

  6. Now, when you view your asset, you will see the poster keyframe on the asset tile.