Set up FlexREVIEW in Enterprise

To use FlexREVIEW, you must configure Dalet Flex Enterprise first. You must create and configure a “Start Session” action, so that you can create review sessions against your existing and future assets. Once you have set up this action, a Start Session button is displayed above all of your assets in Dalet Flex.

Creating a Start Review Session Action

  1. In the Dalet Flex console, on the toolbar, click New

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Action

  3. In the Create new Action screen, complete the following fields:

    • Name: enter a name for your action, e.g. “open-a-new-review-session”.
  • Description: enter an optional description.
  • Visibility: select where the action is to be available:
  • From the Plugin Type field, select Start Session.
  • From the Plugin field, select either Start Image Review or Start Video Review.
  1. Click Save.

Configuring the Start Review Session Action

  1. Click the Configuration sub-tab.

  2. Click Edit

  3. Enter a name in the Session Name field.

  4. In the Initiator field, select a user to initiate review sessions.

  5. You can mark the review as exclusive. If a review is exclusive, then while one user is reviewing, other reviewers are locked out.

  6. Select a priority for the review session.

  7. You can choose to specify the review as a per-essence review, and which essence(s) to have reviewed. Each essence can be an audio track or a caption, and can be marked as read-only

  8. Enter the reviewer details. You can select individual users and groups. You can also specify a list of “view only” reviewers, who do not have permission to download the asset:

  9. In the Review Expiry Date field, select a date for the review session to expire.

  10. In the Review Session Fields section, you can specify fields for the review session. You can specify as many fields as you want.

  11. In the Instruction field, enter an optional comment.

  12. In the Instructions Config section, you can select whether to record instructions, or enter an expression that describes whether to record instructions.

  13. In the Asset Publish Action field, select an existing publish action to be used to publish assets.

<div class="notices note" >
You must create a <b>Publish</b> action before you create a review session action.
  1. You can select a Message Template for messages to notify users about the review session.
  2. In the Portal URL field, enter a portal base URL to use for sessions:
  3. In the Custom Statuses Section, specify the status buttons for end of review to be displayed in the review session. You can define multiple buttons. For each button, you must specify a name and colour, and can select a metadata definition from the drop-down list. You can also specify whether more than one status can be chosen:
  4. Download Configuration, you can specify whether the full list of reviewers has permission to download the asset.
<div class="notices note" >
If download is allowed, then reviewers can download and keep an unprotected copy of the asset, which will not expire.
  1. Click Save.

  2. Click Enable, to enable the action.

  3. Your Start Session action is displayed on the power bar above any assets you upload to Dalet Flex: