Hot Folder Variables

When a workflow is launched by a hot-folder the variables listed in this page will be injected into the workflow context. These variables can be used to configure actions that have runtime expression evaluation enabled as follows: ${variables.[vaiableName]} (e.g. ${variables.resourceItemName}).

Variables Type Description
externalFilePath String The file path of file in the hot-folder resource.
externalFileName String The file name of file in the hot-folder resource
resource Object The hot-folder resource that the file was uploaded to. This is the source resource for any subsequent import.
resourceItemName String The name of the file in the hot-folder resource (typically the same as externalFileName ). This is the source file name for any subsequent import.

The resource variable is an Object variable representing the hot-folder resource. The properties of this object can be access using variable dot notation. For example, in order to access the resource id you can use the following expression ${}.