Package Processing

Package Processing

The package processing options allow for pre-processing of content through various processors before building the output package file:

Delete Export Folder: Allows for the specification of one or more folders to delete (clean-up).

XSLT Processing: Optional XSLT processing of specified source XML file.

Velocity Template Processing: Optional Velocity template processing of specified source XML file.

Post XML File: An XML output file can be posted to a different location.


The distribution options allow for the specification of where the created package must be delivered to:

  • Distribution Location: Where the file should be delivered to in VFS format.
  • Create Folder: Whether to create folder at the remote destination.
  • Distribution Format: Details about packaging format (tar, zip, etc) as well as PGP and MD5 rules.
  • Distribute Last: A list of files to deliver after the others.

You can specify more than one distribution option which will allow for delivering the same package to more than one end point.


Default Extract

This Plugin supports the extrAction of technical information and keyframes from a media file.

If the Plugin is configured to support keyframe extrAction, then more advanced keyframe related options are available such as:

  • Setting state: Specifying whether keyframes are automatically approved, the chosen master, etc.

  • Tiling: The generation of a single tiled image that comprises all keyframes and rules for sizing each keyframe. This is useful for supporting scrubbing previews in Dalet Flex Players. An example tiled image is as follows:

  • ExtrAction Rules: Rules to define which keyframes are selected (count offsets, time intervals, etc).