Metadata and Account Variables

The Flex Media Platform supports metadata variables and system and account properties to be evaluated at runtime by runtime expressions configured on scriptable configurations fields.

Metadata Expressions

Dalet Flex supports some operators that assist with locating metadata field values within asset hierarchies.

Expression Description
@@fieldname@@ Expression starts with @@ and ends with @@. Using this expression we can access metadata variable values. e.g. @@film_id@@ - returns value of film_id variable from metadata associated with current asset.
%%assetContext%% Metadata Expressions also support embedded asset hierarchy expressions. These start with %% and ends with %%. If we want to retrieve values from parent or child metadata then we can also specify the asset hierarchy expressions e.g. @@%%./..%%artist[0]:first_name[0]@@ - evaluates metadata expression artist[0]:first_name[0] against metadata of the parent.

Account Properties

Expression Description
@[propertyName] Account properties are available for runtime evaluations and set in the Properties tab of the Account configuration screen.


Expression Result
{@@my_boolean@@==true} true, if my_boolean metadata field associated with current asset is True
{@@my_int@@==10} true, if my_int metadata field associated with current asset is equal to 10
{'@@asset_status@@'=='Approved'} true, if asset_status metadata field associated with current asset is ‘Approved’

Note: For metadata fields of type String, the expression @@fieldname@@ must be put between single quotes to be compared to another String