Dalet Flex Knowledge Base

Dalet Flex is a content supply chain software solution that streamlines video production and distribution. With asset and metadata management plus workflow orchestration in a single platform, it eliminates inefficiencies in your media operations, so you can scale your business and grow your revenue. Dalet Flex is platform, format, and user interface neutral which means it can be used across a wide range of business functions and industries, and you can create custom interfaces or plug Dalet Flex into existing platforms.

Hot Topics

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Job Execution Framework (JEF)
Develop your own plugins and execute them in microservices outside of Dalet Flex Enterprise.
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See what our media management system has to offer.
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Release Notes
Click here to see the latest release notes and well as all past releases.

User Guides

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Getting Started
From configuring a resource to building a workflow.
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Workflow Management
Learn how to build a orchestrate your business processes.
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Metadata Management
Customise and manage the metadata that's important to you.
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Asset Management
Store, search and discover your assets with a powerful set of management functions.
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FlexREVIEW User Guide
Review, collobrate and approve your assets.
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API/SDK Documentation
Full REST API and SDK documentation for advanced users.
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FlexMOVE User Guide
Effortlessly upload your assets with single file and bulk uploads.
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Scripting Guide
This guide is designed to get you set up and running with simple scripting in Dalet Flex.