Ooyala Flex 5.5.7 Release Notes 2018-05-29


Ooyala Flex 5.5.7 is a maintenance release to fix issues found in production.

What’s New

Support for Vidchecker 7.2

We have added support for integration with Vidchecker 7.2.

SDK: Support for GOP Structure and Bitrate Type (CBR/VBR)

We have added support for retrieving the GOP frame sequence and the bitrate type in the SDK. This is if the asset is Constant (CBR) or Variable (VBR).


  • GOP: assetService.getAsset(asset-id).assetContext.videoStreamContexts.first().codecSpecificMetadata.getGop();
  • Bitrate Type: assetService.getAsset(asset-id).assetContext.videoStreamContexts.first().codecSpecificMetadata.getBitRateType();

REST API: GET Support for Retrieving Structure and Bitrate type (CBR/VBR)

We have made changes to the assets/{asset-id} (GET) endpoint so that it retrieves “codecSpecificMetadata” (The GOP and bitrate type).

"videoStreamContexts": [

                "codecSpecificMetadata": {
                    "gop": "IBBPBBPBBPBB",
                    "bitRateType": "CBR"


Issues Fixed

MAM: Text and styling is not displaying correctly on MAM login page in IE 11

Some users found that if they were viewing the MAM login page in Internet Explorer 11, the styling and text would not display correctly.

Resolution: Some users were running Internet Explorer in Compatibility View. At present, we do not support Internet Explorer in Compatibility View. Viewing MAM in Compatibility View will negatively impact user experience, as it severely limits the CSS and JavaScript styling capabilities.

MAM: Pagination is not working when viewing assets in list view

The pagination was not working correctly when viewing assets in a list in search results.

Resolution: This issue has now been fixed and there are no longer pagination problems.

Anomalies in the Ooyala Flex UI

Users found a few anomalies in the Ooyala Flex UI. These were as follows:

  • Retried workflows were shown in a “failed” and / or “running” state.
  • Failed workflows were not displayed after a retry.
  • Negative numbers were being displayed in the “Workflow Summary” table after changing workspaces.


  • Introduced daily aggregation. The status repo is cleaned every 30 mins.
  • Introduced lock granularity.
  • Support for multiple workspaces in a workflow for the same asset.

QC resources don’t support multiple folder mappings

It was found that QC resources only supported single folder mapping, which was causing issues for some users.

Resolution: We have added a multiplicity in media folder mappings for quality control resources, in order to support multiple folder mappings in quality control resources.

Import plugin (Asset Folder Import) is failing

Certain users had sync workflows which used an import action (Asset Folder Import). When this action ran as part of the workflow, it would fail with a NULL pointer exception. From exception stack trace, it was found that it could not access the file location.

Resolution: The Source VFS location variable name differed between the configuration schema file and the java implementation.

LDAP dual directory authentication is broken

The Ooyala Flex Authentication service was not working against Active Directory.

Resolution: The service was not parsing the comma (and pipe) separated values. A fix has been applied to the ‘registry.ooflex.net/flex-authentication-service’ image.

UDO selector is not working in Web Transfer

Users were unable to select user defined object instances from the UDO selector in Web Transfer, even though those instances existed in the system.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed and users can once again successfully select UDOs from the UDO selector.