Ooyala Flex 5.5.4 Release Notes 2017-09-12

What’s New

HTTP Message: Support for digest authentication

We have added support for digest authentication in the following HTTP Message plugins:

  • HTTP Request Message
  • Scripted HTTP Message

Issues Fixed

Metadata instances are invalid

In some cases metadata instances were found to be invalid even though they were not.

Resolution: This was caused by a code update that was carried out. This caused a class cast exception when determining a reindex flag for option child variables. This issue has been fixed and metadata instances are no longer invalid.

Changing a UDOT parent doesn’t work correctly

When users attempted to update a user defined object type parent, they found that the root object was updated, but all the child objects below were not updated correctly.

Resolution: We have added a change to the code that assigns a new root parent to not only the object being added, but also to all the objects in its downward hierarchy.

Expression language is not being evaluated in Backlot Remote Ingest Wait plugin

Fields that utilise expression language in the Backlot Remote Ingest Publish action, which were referenced in the associated wait action (e.g. external ID), were not being evaluated correctly.

Example: The wait action uses a Backlot external ID to request status updates on the Backlot ingestion process. If expression language was used to define the external ID, it was not being evaluated properly by the wait action.

Resolution: Expression enabled fields are now being passed through the expression evaluation service. This means that expression language is being evaluated correctly.

Searching for an asset by name returns a different asset

When users searched for an asset by name, they found that the results would return different assets that did not match the name they searched for.

Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

Inaccurate message is displayed when clicking certain buttons

When users clicked the Finish & Start and Next buttons after completing a task, they received the following message: “If you continue you will lose unsaved data”.

Resolution: When a user completes a task, the correct message is displayed and the data is updated correctly.

Users cannot edit and save metadata definitions with single option fields

Users were unable to edit or save metadata definitions that contained single option fields.

Resolution: This has now been fixed and users are able to successfully save metadata definitions with single option fields.


Service Version
flex-admin-app 2.0.303.1
flex-divarchive-service 2.1.271
flex-forms-service 0.0.43
flex-imageproxy-service 3.2.173
flex-mam-app 4.2.364.3
flex-metadatadesigner-app 2.1.651
flex-searchelastic-service 4.2.282
flex-streamprocessor-service 1.1.75
flex-tag-service 1.0.471
flex-thesaurus-service 0.1.726
flex-webtransfer-app 0.1.726
flex-workflowdesigner-app 7.1.148