Ooyala Flex 5.5.3 Release Notes 2017-08-02

Components / Updates Required

  • Master
  • Publish
  • Transfer
  • Index
  • Job Nodes
  • Reviewer

Issues Fixed

Large files cannot be published from S3 to Backlot

When users tried to publish a large file (e.g. 165GB) to Backlot from S3, they were met with errors.

Resolution: We have introduced the Backlot Remote Ingest Publish action. This action triggers a remote ingestion in Backlot via an MRSS manifest. It generates an S3 signed URL if the VFS location is S3. However, if it is not S3, the user can map a HTTP URL to the resource.

Keyframe files remain on the filesystem after deleting keyframes from the asset

When deleting an asset keyframe from the UI or the API, the keyframe remains on the file system. This caused an issue for some users, as they needed to sync the keyframes between two systems.

Resolution: Keyframes are now successfully removed from the file system.

Elemental Integration: API fixes and support for profile passthrough

Elemental Cloud support had regressed. This meant that S3 locations were not passed through correctly.


We have implemented the following changes:

  • Added raw for specifying a full raw transcode XML as the input. The raw XML fully describes the transcode to perform.
  • Added support for the latest version of Elemental Cloud (v 2.11) in the REST API.

Flex Publish: media assets don’t carry membership information when published

When users added an asset to a group asset and then published it, the asset membership information was not present.

Resolution: The list of groups have been updated in Publish and asset membership information is now present.

What’s New


We have added two new plugins in 5.5.3. These are as follows:

  • Backlot Remote Ingest Publish

  • Backlot Wait for Remote Ingest

These two plugins work together in two parts:

  1. The Backlot Remote Ingest Publish plugin looks at a remote asset, for example stored in S3, and triggers a remote ingestion in Backlot via an MRSS manifest. It builds up a manifest file and sends it off to Ooyala’s ingestion service. The ingestion service then reads the manifest and downloads the file.
  2. The Backlot Wait For Remote Ingest plugin waits for the ingest of the remote asset, and monitors the log for a “done” status or any errors that may have occurred.

Note: The Backlot Remote Ingest Publish plugin is an alternative to the Backlot HTTP Publish.

Note: The undo action for Backlot Remote Ingest Publish is Backlot HTTP Unpublish.

Note: The redo action for Backlot Remote Ingest Publish is Backlot HTTP Republish.