Ooyala Flex 5.4.1 SR2 Release Notes 2017-07-19

Issues Fixed

UDOs disappear from search if metadata schema is updated

Users found that if they had a user defined object with an attached metadata definition, and they altered the metadata definition (For example: they added / removed options from a single option field) existing UDOs of that same type would disappear from the Object Type tab in the UI. They would also disappear from the searches, unless they changed the search type from listing only that specific user defined object type, to “Everything”.

Resolution: An issue was found in the code. When the setObjectData method was being called from the groovy script, it was updating data in the wrong columns for user defined objects. It was updating the Metadata Definition and Metadata columns in the Mio Object table, instead of updating the Object Data Definition and Object Data columns for user defined objects. This has now been fixed and user defined objects are appearing as normal.

Interdependent field rules not applied to UDOs when updating via the API

It was found that when metadata was updated for user defined objects via the REST API, interdependent field rules were not being applied. This caused problems, especially for users who had multiple rules around which fields are required, based on the status of other fields.

Resolution: Variable Tree validation must be used instead of JSON validation for metadata instances. App schema rules must also be applied.

What’s New


The height and width parameters for keyframes are now published along with the remaining metadata in Ooyala Flex Publish.