Ooyala Flex 5.1.12 Release Notes 2017-07-18

Issues Fixed

System error occurs when users create child UDO instances

Users found that when they created child user defined object instances, a system error would occur.

Resolution:  We have added a null check to prevent system errors from occurring.

Changing a UDOT parent doesn’t work correctly

Users found two issues when trying to update user defined object type parents:

Issue 1: The addChildObject method was only updating the root parent of the current object and not of all the downward children.

Resolution: We have implemented code that will set a new root parent to not only the object being added, but also to all the objects in its downward hierarchy.

Issue 2: Users found that some of the data had been duplicated and some of the data was missing. This meant that some of the root parents were wrong and some of the indexes were also wrong.

Resolution: We analysed the data and created a script that corrects relationship instance ids, root parents, and indexes.

DataBase issues

There were two issues with database performance during an Ooyala Flex install.

These issues were:

Issue 1: Problems increasing DB CPU usage even when the system was doing nothing.

Issue 2:  Problems with constantly increasing DataBase storage consumption, despite the fact that the data in the database wasn’t growing.

Resolution: We found that the Issue was related to the RDS AWS instance. This has now been resolved.